Welcome to All Scooters & Wheelchairs

Who are we

Welcome to All Scooters & Wheelchairs, the experts in personal mobility. We are located in sunny Adelaide, South Australia and are part of a chain of stores in Adelaide and country areas that supply quality scooters and wheelchairs from the Pride Mobility range.


We have over 10 years experience in selling, servicing and repairing scooters and wheelchairs as well as lift chairs, walkers, and accessories such as tyres, batteries, chargers etc...

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to be the best in the market for customer satisfaction and understand the importance of ongoing support to maintain your mobility. We understand that each customer has specific needs and requires specialist advice learned from many years in the industry.


We stock the complete range of Pride mobility scooters.

Whether a portable scooter, a mid sized grocery getter or a big wheeled scooter, there's one in the Pride range to suit your needs.

Wheel Chairs

We have a comprehensive range of manual and electric wheel chairs to choose from.

Wheelchairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and finding one that fits your needs will make a world of difference.

Lift Chairs

Experience the luxury of our range of Pride Lift Chairs.

Designed to be the ultimate in lift chair comfort, style and performance in several beautiful fabrics and colours.

Second Hand

We don't just sell brand new scooters. We trade in and buy and sell second hand.

We have a constantly changing stock of good used scooters, wheelchairs and power chairs, each with an in-house warranty.

Parts / Repairs

We always keep a comprehensive range of scooter and power chair parts.

We stock a large range of tyres, tubes, brakes, batteries, throttle and speed pots for a whole range of scooters.


We offer the most price effective servicing option in Adelaide for your scooter or power chair.

Our vans are our mobile workshop, or if your prefer, bring your scooter to us. Call today to make a booking.
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